Bari’s Motorbike Diary
Circumnavigating India by Motorbike, Sept-Nov 2005


along the Ganges river, Rishikesh
hills of Uttaranchal

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chiilin' with the hommies

Sunday, October 23.
Sorry for not updating the blog any sooner. It has been difficult to sit down to write some days after an exhausting ride and often not having the internet available.
Big THANKS to my dear friend Rahul Bhushan who designed this site for me and made it very easy for me to update. Also, the inclusion of the India map, should give some of those not familiar with the Indian geography, a visual reference to our whereabouts. ( The only correction on it, should be that we started from Bangalore and went directly west towards Mangalore and from there went up along the coast.)
Now, back to Rishikesh.
We had a long ride planned for today through the state of Uttaranchal. We set off by sun up and were soon riding through the mountains along side the Ganges river. (see photo).It was very foggy and the air felt fresh and brisk. Thye mountains were silhouetted in shades of grey and the trees were everywhere right up to the road. For the next 2 hours the road was fantastic and it felt like I was taking a lazy man’s jog.
We soon got more and more in the winding mountains and the view was quite spectacular (see photo). Hardly much traffic and the road condition was good except around most turns where the water was over the road and it was just rubble underneath. The worst was at a waterfall crossing where the road was being repaired and the water over the very loose rocks was fairly deep (see photo).
By 4 pm or so, we stopped by a small roadside chai place and relaxed with the locals (see photo). we were only 50 km from Almora, but it was going to take us another 3 hours to cover that distance. The winding roads began to look identical as we kept riding making me feel like i was in a loop. The last hour of the ride, was in the dark, and we had to slow down the pace even more.
By 7:30 pm or so, we reached the hill side town of Almora, where we halted for the night.

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