Bari’s Motorbike Diary
Circumnavigating India by Motorbike, Sept-Nov 2005


highway break
leaving the mountains behind us
gone with the road

on the ferry
other side of the river
Wednesday, November 2
The sun was up very early. We had breakfast at the BRO camp, said our thank you and got on our way. We were given excellent directions and status on the road conditions.
The road was very good for the initial 55 km and then became a single lane uneven road ( see photo). After having been on the infamous Bihar roads, this was just fine.
After about 150 km, we were received by Mr. Verma ( also with the BRO) who had driven 3 hours to meet us. He had prepared a very appetising lunch and then escorted us to a place called Simen Chapori which is on the banks of the river Brahmaputra. From the main road we had to go on the dirt road (see photo) for about 10 km to the awaiting ferry. We loaded up the jeeps and bikes on to it and sat back for the next 2 1/2 hours enjoying the boat ride. The river was only about 3 km wide but as the water was lower than usual and there were a lot of islands that needed to navigated around. Also, having to go against the current made the ride slow and enjoyable. The sun set early and the the stars were out by 5 pm. Looking up at the sky from the ferry felt like being in a planetarium. It’s been a very long time since I saw so many stars in the sky.
By the time we got off the ferry, it was pitch black and we had to get back on the bikes for another 25 km to Dibrugarh. (see photo). The road out of the ferry was as you can see in the pic. for about 10 km and then the highway was fine.
We made reservations in a hotel for the night. Just as we got in to town, Dinesh’s bike got a nail in his back tire and luckily we were already in town and joe fixed it as soon as we got to the hotel.
This is the eastern most part of India on our journey.

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