Bari’s Motorbike Diary
Circumnavigating India by Motorbike, Sept-Nov 2005

Bangalore Send-off

Brotherly send off- (l-r) Ashok, Gautam, Bari, Ram

At the western ghats

The first day of our adventure started off with a great turnout of our friends and family members cheering us off from a motorcycle themed cafe, “Road Trip” in Bangalore at about 9am.
From Bangalore streets to the open highways (by open, i mean they are open to anyone and anything and anyway, anyhow) with beautiful surroundings. The day was gorgeous. Temp. around 80F and no smog. The rice field were lit up in all the shades of green and the mountain ranges were outstanding.
We started from the Deccan plateau and decended through the Western ghats ( mountain range). We did a total of 450 km and made the first night halt at a town called Kundapur. It’s on the west coast above Mangalore . The roads were good for the first 150 km and in the mountains were really broken up. Great learning experience for riding on the Indian roads. The bike is performing beautifully and i am quite comfortable riding it and keeping up with Dinesh and Navroze. They are 2 really skilled and experienced riders. Leant a lot through them. It was dark by the time we came down to sea level and got to the west coast town of Mangalore. From there the highway is 2 lane and awfully crowded with trucks and all forms of traffic.It took us longer than planned to make the first night halt. We got to the hotel around 9:30 pm. We did take a couple of needed breaks and that slowed us down as well. But the road conditions are what they are.
Now we are getting ready to get to Panjim city in Goa. It’s about 350 km from here. Hoping to get there before dark.
will post from there.

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4 Responses to “Bangalore Send-off”

  1. TRUE
    September 25th, 2005 23:00

    Wow. Epic…adventure. A beautiful connection. Spokes…folks…spinning wheels in your homeland. Ride on with the angels on your back…eyes shut…loving the breeze!

  2. hari kiran
    September 26th, 2005 00:25

    hi bari,

    Great going.Hope your back is fine after a bumpy ride in the ghats. Enjoy the ride from Mangalore and Goa and post some of the pictures of the western ghats and the sea.

    hari kiran

  3. BR
    October 1st, 2005 05:16

    i had the previlage of being there at the send off. wonderful to see the turnout and the wonderful breakfast.felt like i was on the trip too.

  4. Chengappa
    October 5th, 2005 13:12

    Hi Bari,
    What an amazing adventure. Enjoy the trip around the country.

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