Bari’s Motorbike Diary
Circumnavigating India by Motorbike, Sept-Nov 2005

Map of the trip so far

We now have a map showing Bari, Dinesh and Navroz’s trip from Bangalore to Rishikesh. The route shown is close but not exact- if you’re interested in seeing detailed regional and highway maps, go to Maps of India. Look for the clickable highway maps.

More links in the “Maps/About” Category.

Update: The map shows the ride starting in Bangalore and then heading northwest to Goa which is not correct. Rather, the route was directly west from Bangalore to Mangalore and then up the coast to Goa.

Click on map for enlargement

6 Responses to “Map of the trip so far”

  1. Rahul
    October 23rd, 2005 19:25


    Might be a good idea for you to mention National Highway and Road numbers in your posts, now that we can follow along with maps.

    It was quite hard figuring out the exact route you guys took, since a lot of places are not shown on smaller maps. This was the best I could do quickly. It would be great to get some maps from you showing the actual routes for the whole trip.

    Maybe you could take some pics with your camera of a map with the routes highlighted as best you can, and I could translate it onto a map here.

    Hope you had time to smoke a chillum in Manali…

  2. Angela
    October 23rd, 2005 23:09

    Hi Boys!

    As you must have imagined, on the way towards the new and the unknown, there are words, lots of words… on the way back from the seen and the spectacular, sometimes there are no words… just a heavy exhale visible at -6 c.
    Bari, you’re doing a wonderful job narrating your journey.


  3. meena
    October 24th, 2005 13:21

    hey! Seems like an amazing ride so far! I biked from Dehra Dun down to Delhi , so know what that’s like…..
    too bad you missed my sis in Rajasthan - they are there now. but if you want to email her, it’s
    Safe riding!
    much love

  4. Atul Dodiya
    October 31st, 2005 00:56

    Hi Bari,

    This is fantastic. We are also having a Bharat Darshan with you.

    Love and all the best.
    Happy Diwali

    Atul, Anju, Biraaj

  5. Tim
    November 1st, 2005 12:54

    Hey Bari,
    Thanks for the glimpse of your the motorbike adventure. I can almost taste the bugs and my ass kinda hurts. Happy Deepavali!!


  6. Pranay Manocha
    November 14th, 2005 11:20

    You seem to be doing a mroe exhaustive version of what I did in my car 2 years ago. Photos on my website. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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